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  • Songwriter in the Canadian music scene for over 20 years

  • Co-writer of  worldwide hit song "Who Let The Dogs Out Woof"

  • Co-founder of label Krescent Records and Action House Recording Studio

Born and raised in music and dance, LeRoy has been active in the Canadian music scene for over 20 years. He is recognized as the writer and creator of the hook in Who Let The Dogs Out Woof Woof and is co-founder of the indie label Krescent Records andAction House recording studio.


Krescent records introduced the world to the musical talents of Kristen Farkollie. He has worked with Brainz Dimilo,Jamie Foxx,Jully Black,Shabba Ranks,Saukrates,Ashley MacIsaac just to name a few. An accomplished, multi-sport athlete, LeRoy excelled at boxing and has turned that skill to coaching and personal training.  He has coached and trained professional boxers, professional football players, Olympic hockey players  and even celebrity actors. As a personal trainer he has a large following in the GTA PHYTA Inc.

As a lifelong artist/athlete/coach LeRoy combined his many talents to create what he calls his grass roots, fashion/ empowerment movement known as PHYTA. Power- Heart -Youth –Talent- Attitude. LeRoy attributes his successes to date to the combination of his own Power Heart Youth Talent Attitude. So in 2012 he started the PHYTA movement through PHYTA Inc. LeRoy's vision for PHYTA is to inspire people of all ages to embrace their PHYTA. Acknowledging their own Power Heart Youth Talent Attitude through motivational speaking, workshops, and presentations/seminars and of course, fashion.

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