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To say that aspiring artist Neena Rose is a more powerful and passionate lead vocalist than many singers twice her age wouldn’t be an exaggeration. Hamilton born, Neena Rose at only 16 year’s old has been called an “amazing young talent, incredible vocalist and witty lyricist”. Neena Rose is thrilled to release her captivating debut single and music video “Games” with originals “Rewind” “Circles” “Mannequin” and "Machine Gun" to follow.


Sarah Jordan and Matt Von are a brother/sister duo that share a passion for music that seems to be part of their natural chemistry. Being a seasoned pop soulful performer, Sarah brings pure emotion, while Matthew’s vocals are storytelling, understated and pure. Sarah and Matt are independent singer songwriters,  who made a decision this year to collaborate as a duo. Their  first single "Great Escape" has been released and is available on all digital platforms. Sarah and Matt are excited to bring their love of storytelling to their music as a duo.  They are slated to be a team to be  reckoned with for years to come!

Behind The Scene

Great Escape Music Video


Liron is a 21 year old singer-songwriter hailing from Toronto, Ontario. She has released 7 songs in one year and has garnered over 1 million streams on Spotify .


•Total Spotify Streams over 1 million

•Total Spotify Followers: Over 5k 

•Total Playlist Adds: over 7k

•Instagram Followers: Over 24K

Liv Mannara

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