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  •  Canadian singer-songwriter from Toronto, Ontario. He is best known for his hit single, "Dancing Kizomba"

  • After signing with Universal Music Canada in 2015, he stormed the Billboard charts with his debut single "Dancing Kizomba," named after the Angolan dance movement that combines Western ballroom dance with African elements. "Dancing Kizomba" received over 35 million streams on Spotify and multiple remixes including a version with Don Omar. His music is described as "synth-driven, Latin-rhythm-infused pop

Sometimes it’s a particular song that draws you to an artist. Others, it’s their overall sound, their style or swagger. But sometimes, as with Alx Veliz, it’s all this and more.

Drawing influence from a myriad of musical styles and eras, Alx Veliz offers a seamless hybrid of hard-hitting dance pop with a smooth Latin flavor that’s instantly engaging. It’s a fresh-sounding fusion of international elements that will appeal to fans of modern pop but is packed with enough substance to stand out from the hoard of hollow, disposable hits.

Though he’s just emerging on the global level, Veliz has been making and producing music since childhood and has toured alongside some of Latin music’s biggest stars. Now, he has his sights set higher. Much higher. “It took me a long time to find my sound because my influences are so diverse,” he says, listing everything from samba and salsa to reggae, hip-hop, and the king of pop, Michael Jackson.

His upcoming release, a collaboration with producer Medy Landia, showcases Veliz’s unique sonic tapestry. Lead single “Dancin Kizomba” is immediately grabbing thanks to its propulsive dance-based beat and Veliz’s sultry, seductive vocals. The songs span a range of personal experiences and emotions, all centred around love and every stage that comes with it, from elation to heartbreak. “If I had to sum it up,” he says of his lyrical themes, “it’s love over everything.”

On stage, Veliz is just as comfortable surrounded by a full band as he is with a DJ, or even just a guitar and his velvet-smooth vocals. Regardless of the setting, it’s about sharing something unforgettable. “Every time I perform, I leave everything on the stage,” he says. “I want to make sure it’s an experience they remember, and that they need to feel again.”

In an increasingly global market, where talent and drive trump borders and labels, Alx Veliz is poised to reach an international plateau. “The music industry likes to put people in boxes, like you’re either one thing or the other,” he says, “but that’s not me. I’ve got something new.”

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